At MHL, we have worked with numerous small and medium sized enterprises throughout London, Hampshire and The South Coast to help tackle many of the issues associated with business performance.

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Executive Support
and Coaching

Working in senior and executive positions can be challenging to say the least. We have worked with a number of senior executives and managing directors to help deliver unbiased and confidential support.

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Leadership and
Development Training

Our Leadership and Development Programmes are designed specifically to develop individuals into inspirational, engaging and motivating leaders that can drive their individual business areas to achieve the best results they can.

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MHL’s career coaching expertise focuses specifically on our clients needs. It’s important that you establish whom you are really working for, and whether this career path is right for you.

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About MHL Business Coaching Ltd

MHL Business Coaching is a leading business consultancy company operating throughout London, Hampshire and the South East of England. Our vision at MHL helps to deliver your business and management objectives in a carefully tailored and bespoke strategy.

Founder of MHL Business Coaching, Sue Warden-Owen, retains over 30 years of experience and expert knowledge to help small and medium sized enterprises accelerate all aspects of business performance.

How MHL Coaching can help you

At MHL, our services focus on a number of performance aspects:

  • Significant improvements in business performance and profitability
  • Help generate greater efficiency through operations, management and financial analysis
  • Establish and improve your customer service and team morale
  • Formulate and implement strategies and contingency plans to help your business thrive under competitive industry pressures
  • Reinvigorate the vision and energy in you and your business
  • Navigate your business through a period of rapid fundamental change

As well as providing a range of business consultancy services, MHL Business Coaching provides corporate/executive coaching, career coaching and also management consultancy services. These programmes will allow you to step back, and with unbiased and strict confidential support, develop and implement strategies to resolve any number of organisational, employee, career, stress or work/life balance issues that may be concerning you or your business.

So, whether you are running a business in Hampshire, Sussex, London or other regions on the South Coast that is just starting up, growing a business to £30m, or in need of some executive or career coaching, then please do not hesitate to contact us, to find out how we could help accelerate your success.


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